Vision for the New National Cryptologic Museum & Conference Center

The New National Cryptologic Museum & Conference Center will recall and honor the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the Cryptologic Community from the past and present; it will act as a catalyst for those who will serve in the future. It is destined to embody and illuminate the NSA/CSS core values of Cryptologic Excellence: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It will advance the public's understanding and appreciation for the role the Cryptologic Community plays in America's national security. The new National Cryptologic Museum & Conference Center will achieve the following purposes:

~~  Honor the men and women who have served and sacrificed.
~~  Detail NSA contributions to America’s national and cyber security.
~~  Create a public attraction that serves as a forum for dialogue on national security and important policy matters, such as privacy.
~~  Display the precious NSA collection in furtherance of that public dialogue.
~~  Greatly increase visitation, especially among youth likely to be drawn to the intelligence field as a career.

The project Master Plan includes:

~~  The New Museum.
~~  The Conference Center.
~~  Ancillary facilities.

To realize this challenging vision, strong private-sector philanthropy will be essential. Organized as a public-private partnership of the National Security Agency and National Cryptologic Museum Foundation, we seek private financial support from corporations, individuals and foundations as we pursue our vision. To discuss your interest, please contact:

Major General Roderick Isler, USA (Ret)
Vice President, New Museum Project
National Cryptologic Museum Foundation
P.O. Box 1563
Millersville, MD 21108

Office: 443-270-5391
Cell: (301) 785-0896