The current NCMF recognition programs consist of:   participating in NSA's Cryptologic Hall of Honor Program which recognizes those that have made significant contributions to American cryptology; recognizing individuals and organizations that have enhanced the holdings of the Museum by their donation of cryptologic-related artifacts; honoring those that have provided significant funds for NCMF operations or Museum facilities enhancements; and acknowledging those that have made donations in memory of a colleague or friend.

The National Cryptologic Museum Foundation memorial program honors individuals who have served in the cryptologic community. Memorial donations are made in two ways: 1) A contribution for entry in the In Memoriam Registry and 2) a contribution at the Patron or Benefactor level for display in the In Memoriam section of the NCMF Exhibit Wall.

The In Memoriam Registry recognizes departed colleagues, family and friends who have served within the cryptologic community at some time during their careers. Their names and those of their sponsors are recorded in calligraphy on a parchment certificate in a leather and gold bound registry for a contribution of $100 or more. The registry is prominently displayed in the museum lobby.

A contribution of $5000 or more is recognized on an In Memoriam Panel, which records the sponsor name and the honoree for which the donation has been given to the Foundation in his or her memory. The names are in the In Memoriam section of the NCMF Exhibit Wall at the entrance to the museum.

Those who wish to recognize honorees through these programs may make a donation online at our secure Network for Good or contact the NCMF office at (301) 688-5436 for further details.