In Memoriam Registry Goes Digital (posted 11/15/12)

The In Memoriam Registry allows colleagues, friends and families to recognizes departed individuals who have served within the cryptologic community at some time during their careers.  Originally, their names and those of their sponsor(s) were recorded in calligraphy and the Certificate entered in a leather and gold bound Registry.  This has recently been replaced by a new touch-screen interactive In Memoriam kiosk pictured below where deceased individuals are honored for their cryptologic service.



A total contribution of $100 or more is required to be included on the In Memoriam Kiosk.  Contributions will be gladly accepted for those already included.  To do so, go to our secure on line donation site or send a donation in their name to the NCMF, PO Box 1682, Ft. George G. Meade, Md 20755.


Honoree Sponsor
Adams, Olln B. William G. Volenick
Alde, Robert

The Wednesday Breakfast Bunch Gene Becker

Andrews, Alfred W. Anonymous
Aquilea, Mary Clementine Sarah L. Botsai
Axtell, Marcia Ned Axtell
Barlow, Howard Benjamin & Susan D. Hoover, Robert F. Barlow and Kerry Barlow
Beath, Ernest B. Eleanor P. Beath
Benjamin, Robert S. Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Girhard
Berry, Carrie Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Girhard
Bladey, Stephen C. Harry G.Rosenbluh
Blake, Gordon A. Lt. Gen. USAF (Ret.)
Dirnsa 1962-1965
Maj. Gen. John Morrison, Jr. USAF (Ret.)
Boak, David G. Robert Cefail
Susan D. and Benjamin N. Hoover
Boenning, William R The Wednesday Breakfast Bunch
Braeuninger, Dale Kathleen Braeuninger
Brown, Hollis Anonymous
Buck, Betty Jo Ann B. Wittman
Callahan, Harrol "Cal" The Wednesday Breakfast Bunch
Cassidy, Annette B. Estate of Annette B. Cassidy
Chadwick, Douglas E. Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Gish
Chestnut, George L. Wayne Stoffel
Chiles, James Richard (Dick) Susan D. and Benjamin N. Hoover
Clapper, Sr., Col James R. Lt Gen James R. Clapper, Jr.
Chris Babish
Michael Clapper
Clark, Jr., Earl David K. Janet Clark and children – Terri Lynn and Diane
Susan D. and Benjamin N. Hoover
Cole, William M. Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Girhard
Corry, Jr., Cecil C Mr. Gene Becker & Susan D. Hoover
Davis, Wilma Z. Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Girhard
DeCamp, Sr., Paul W. Rita DeCamp and his children
DeCourt, Henry F. Anonymous
Deeley, Walter G. Patricia Deeley and children – Patricia, Edward, James, Brian, Kevin, Maureen and Sean
John E. Morrison, Jr., Maj Gen USAF (Ret)
Demech, Capt Fred R, USN (Ret) NCMF friends and colleagues
Dewey, Thomas R. Leonard Posa
Douglas, James Anonymous
Duchene, Paul Harry Rosenbluh, Lois Gilbertson, NCMF
Dunbar, Jr., Horace “Ted” CSS Associates Architects
Duncan, James T. Harry G. Rosenbluh
Eachus, Joseph J. Sons Alan and James Eachus
Filby, P. William

Jeannette M. Harper

Filby, Vera Ruth

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Weakliem

Friends and Colleagues from NSA and the NCM

Garofalo, Anthony A. Gary Garofalo, Jean Hogue, John Garofalo, James Garofalo, Donald Garofalo
Garofalo, C. Carlo “Gary” Anthony J. Garofalo and Wayne Stoffel
Gerson, Nathaniel C. Harry G. Rosenbluh
Gilbertson, Eugene A. Lois Gilbertson
Girhard, Charlotte Mosely David Gaddy, Her colleagues at the NCMF
Gorman, Joseph S. Nancy & David Rogers
Gould, Robert E. Harry Rosenbluh
Griffin, Fred Anonymous
Gurin, Jack Milt Zaslow
Harry Rosenbluh
Haenchen, Lt Col Otto E. Michael & Mary White
Hall, Samuel R. Anonymous
Hanes, William C. NCMF, Friends of the NCM Research Library
Heishman, Hazel Harry Rosenbluh
Hiser, Col Charles H. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Girhard
Hogan, Douglas Douglas Price
Hohenberger, Bonnie NCM & NCMF friends and associates and Center for Cryptologic History
Hong, “Sam” (see Samuel Kyung Sook) David W. Gaddy
Jackson, Jr., William J. Harry G. Rosenbluh
Jaffe, Dr. Sydney Annette K. Jaffe
Jenkins-Riley, Virginia Harry Rosenbluh
Jenkins, William H. Harry G. Rosenbluh
Johnson, Jenkins James Pryde
Jones, Reece Eugene Becker & Harry Rosenbluh
Kallenbach, John Len M. Posa
Kane, Thomas L. Anonymous
Kaye, Jack G., Capt, USN (Ret) Capt & Mrs. Robert M. Barr, Jr., USN (Ret)
Keer, Viola "Johnny" David Gaddy
Klar, Norman, Capt, USN (Ret) Harry G. Rosenbluh
Kripner, Olga Josef Kripner and family
Lang, Delmar C., Lt Col, USAF (Ret) Admirers and Colleagues
Larkin, John J. John E. Morrison, Jr., Maj Gen USAF (Ret)
Robert E. Rich
Walter P. Sharp
Helen E. Edwards
Ledvina, Capt Jerome P. Harry G. Rosenbluh
Marks, William O. Benjamin N. & Susan D. Hoover
Richard J. Shaker & Colleagues
McConnell, Brenda (Penny) Roy Crippen
McGinnis, George P., Capt, USN (Ret) Harry G. Rosenbluh
McKay, Col. William, USA (Ret) Mary Lynn Jacobs, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Brien, Ms Barbara Reinoehl, Ms. Sarah Schafer, Ms. Eleanor Shaw, Eugene Becker, Ann Caracristi, David D'Auria, Bill and Betty Stevenson
Mitchell, Madison & Hazel Anonymous
Mitchell, Max O. Roy Crippen
Mollick, John Harry Rosenbluh
Monroe, John J. Anonymous
Moodispaw, Estelle Charlotte Moseley Girhard
Morris, George W. Anonymous
Mowbray, Richard Minor James Carlson, Aloysius Koller, Andrew Robertson, Dolores Scheiner, Benjamin Straus, Charles Watkins, Linda Miller & family, David & Sandra Mowbray
Mowry, David Phillip The Center for Cryptologic History, NSA,
& Agency Colleagues
Neff, Col. Paul E. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Girhard
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Maltenfort
Nielson, James R. Anonymous
Walter P. Sharpe
O’Brien, Thomas Edith G. O’Brien & Anonymous
O’Connor, Francis X. Jean O’Connor and children – Peter, Chris, and Debbie
Susan D. and Benjamin N. Hoover
O’Rourke, Helen M. Dollie S. Canard
Page, Ryon A. Susan D. and Benjamin N. Hoover
Palakanis, Joseph Harry Rosenbluh
Phillips, Cecil J. Phillips children - Mary, Jeff & Chris
Phillips, Nancy C. Anonymous
Porrino, Francis X. A. Dea Porrino
Prugh, Thomas A. Wednesday Breakfast Brunch
Reed, Whitney E. Anna Francis Reed, Gene Becker, Ed Jacobs, Ed Kirk, Kay & Bob Hunt
Reimers, Paul R. Anonymous
Walter P. Sharp
Richard, Joseph Mr. & Mrs. David Hendershot
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Duin
Clifton & Page Link
Riley, Virginia Jenkins Harry Rosenbluh
Roberson, Stanley L. Lt. Col Richard Maurer, Susan D. Hoover, Marylin Hingston, Eugene F. Hingston, Jr., , and Anna Hingston
Rock, Marion David Gaddy
Sachaklian, Alice Keosaian Charles & Charlotte Girhard
Seelos, Barbara Friends of the NCMF
Sheck, Eugene Eugene Becker, Morris Levine, Anthony Bellotte, George Fromm, Jack O'dell, Walton Sullivan, Charles Semich
Shinn, Dr. L. E. “Larry” David W. Gaddy
Sinkov, Dr. Abraham Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Girhard
Snyder, Samuel S. Harry Rosenbluh
Solomon, Anne Colleagues at the NCMF
Sook, Samuel Kyung (see also "Sam" Hong) David W. Gaddy
Speierman, Kermith H. Doris M. Speierman
Start, Carol Jackie L. Markey
Stark, Gordon Roy Crippen
Swift, Katharine L. Harry Rosenbluh
Walter Sharp<
Tanner, Jessie L. Eugene Sattler
Terry, Lawrence D. Susan Terry Clapper
Tevis, Charles C. Anonymous
Tharp, Robert N. Yale Institute of Far Eastern
Languages & USAFSS Alumni
Tilley, Michie “Mike” David W. Gaddy
Fred & Marie Wendt
Ward, Julia Anonymous
Winkler, Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Girhard
Wren, Alonzo G. (Lonnie) Bob Highbarger, John Smith, David Gaddy, Charlie Reiher, Tony Giordano, Rosemary & Winnie Prange, Mary & Sam Hergert, Kay & Bob Hunt