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Welcome to the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation’s (NCMF) web site. The NCMF is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that was established in April 1996 to provide direct support to The National Security Agency’s (NSA's) National Cryptologic Museum (NCM).

The fundamental objectives of the Museum and therefore the Foundation are to: educate the public on the role cryptology has played in our national security; commemorate those in the cryptologic community that have made significant contributions; and to stimulate visitors, especially the young, to consider careers in fields so critical to NSA’s past and future success – mathematics, computer science, engineering, and foreign languages.

A Museum like No Other  provides a brief history of the Museum and some samples of exhibits that are available. For a more in depth look at what the Museum has to offer, check out the virtual tour on the NSA web site.  Want to visit the museum?  Go to Plan a Visit for all the details.

About the Foundation provides the history of the NCMF, coming events, news, some idea of what is going on within the organization, who the principal players are, and some suggestions on how you can help.

In Recognition you will see some of what we do to commemorate not only those who have made significant cryptologic contributions but those that have helped the Foundation in our effort to support the Museum by making significant financial contributions.

What the Foundation does to support the Museum is, by far, the most important part of this web site. Information in this regard is located in two places: Direct Museum Support where you will find information on all the acquisitions that have been made for the Museum as well as various other initiatives that assist the Museum in serving the public; and Our Goal – A New Museum where activity related to plans for a new museum are provided in addition to joint Museum and NCMF efforts to improve the existing facility.

Finally, Members Only enables active members of the NCMF to view previous versions of The Link, the bulletin of the NCMF, the NCMF Newsletter, a listing of active NCMF members, articles produced by the NSA History Program and announcements and invitations to forthcoming events. If not a member, please join, if an active member, please visit.

Enjoy your visit to the NCMF web site. If you have any comments, good or bad, contact us.

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